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An Ending and a Beginning

I’ve posted this on Facebook and Twitter all ready, but I need to speak at length some where.

On Friday my girlfriend was keeping me company and we had plans for lunch. After work we were going to drive out to hospice and visit my dad. He’d been in for a week and had become lethargic and restless by turns. He wasn’t really aware of where he was or what was going on. Shortly before noon I had a…

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Friday, just before noon, my father Ted Hayman passed away after a long illness. He left the world quietly and without suffering. My life’s gone into a bit of a tail spin since then but I take comfort in the small things. During his life he was constantly proud of the work that I did as a comic artist and writer. Where my mom would play down the fact my father would tell people about what I was doing.
The next few weeks, months, and years will be hard but I’ll continue to work on my comics. It’s what he’d want and I don’t want to let him down.
Good night, Hayman. I’ll see you again some day.






My therapist asked me to create something β€œmotivating” so I made these.


I really love these, and I reblog them every single time. Some of you don’t realize how easy it’s to forget to do some of those stuff or how hard they can be some days.

now i feel like ive actually accomplished something today thank u ily

I have these saved on my phone

I think I need these right now.

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